Download Lucky Patcher iOS Without Jailbreak 2017

Lucky Patcher IOS Download: You can consider Lucky Patcher as a modded version of Google Play Store, this app is really great and allows free in app purchase as well. We all use Android devices and installing new games, apps are what everyone likes to do. But at the same time these games and apps have in app purchase enabled, where we are asked to pay for upgrades and advantages in the game. But with the help of Lucky Pacther app we can simply make free in app purchase from any app without spending any money. In this article we will be going to learn how to use the Lucky Patcher IOS download guide, so as to install Lucky Patcher for iPhone and iPad device easily.

I was afraid to first use this app but to be frank later I came to know that Lucky Patcher app is safe to use and it works like charm every time. And the most important feature is that this can be installed on No rooted Android devices as well. It means that you can wish to download and install Lucky Patcher no root version as well. I have seen many other tools in the market which offer same features but Lucky Patcher does the perfect job indeed. Have you wondered why we have shared this article today, well it is because you can download free games, apps using Blackmarket app. Then make use of Lucky Patcher to get free in app purchase from all those games and apps which is like a dual offer indeed.

So once this app has been installed you can head over to the app, select any app and apply different custom patches or upgrade any in app purchase as you like. As it is free to use we can use it for unlimited time and at the same time there is no risk in using it. Another great feature of this app is that it removes Ads from apps which is really great. Not only this app gives you free in app purchase, but removes ads and gives special upgrade features as well.

Download Lucky Patcher iOS Without Jailbreak 2017

What Are Lucky Patcher IOS Features

Features of an app are the most important points which make an app reliable and effective as well, when it comes to Lucky Patcher it is filled with tons of great features that will surely amaze you. I guess you would like to take a look at few of this app features which we have mentioned below.

  • Lucky Patcher IOS version is free to download and does not require registration as well
  • The main feature is that we can use modded Google Play Store version
  • It also features custom patches for Google Services Framework
  • We can app different custom patches to any number of apps and games
  • You can use the Backup option to restore and saves files for future use
  • It can also remove license verification from games and apps
  • It can easily remove Ads from different applications

How To Download Lucky Patcher For IOS Without Jailbreak – Lucky Patcher IOS Download Guide

Before we get into the download guide for Lucky Patcher IOS, let me tell you that Lucky Patcher has not been released for IOS platform anytime now. So other online guides regarding this process are fake, so as this app is not yet released we will be making use of Lucky Patcher alternative instead.

The Lucky Patcher alternative we will be using is Kuaiyong which is a very popular IOS app store that allows users to download tons of great apps and game for free of cost without jailbreak. So I will be showing you how to download Kuaiyong for IOS 10.3 on iPhone and iPad, so make sure to connect to Internet.

Download Lucky Patcher iOS Without Jailbreak 2017
  • Download Kuaiyong For IOS without Jailbreak – Kuaiyong Lucky Patcher Alternative
  • So first you have to open your iPhone or iPad device and then open Safari browser
  • After that you can click here to visit Kuaiyong download page from the browser
  • Next on the webpage, browse down and click on “Install” button with “iPhone” option
  • Then click on the red button which will popup and save the EXE file on your iPhone
  • Next run the setup and you will finally have installed Kuaiyong on iPhone device!

Note: Please note that Lucky Patcher IOS version has not been released in the online market either for iPhone or iPad as well. So any other online guide you might find online is false, so in this case using any iPadian emulator will not help as well. There are many other fake Lucky Pacther websites which make use of iPadian emulator in their guide, which is all fake and does not work.


I guess you had a great time reading this Lucky Patcher IOS download guide, and now you will be able to download Lucky Patcher for IOS without jailbreak as well. I guess you already know that we have used Lucky Patcher alternative in this guide, by the name Kuaiyong because Lucky Patcher is not released for IOS platform till now.

While following the download process, if you come across any difficulties then please let us know them in the below comments section and we will answer them properly. I hope you will be having great time installing new apps and games on your iPhone using Lucky Patcher app.

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