Download GarageBand For Chromebook – Download Soundtrap App 2017

GarageBand For Chromebook Download: Apple is known for producing quality products and among them GarageBand is one of the finest software for Mac and iPhone platform. If you like to create music and develop sounds then I guess GarageBand app is made perfectly for you.  So before we get into the download guide, let us know what GarageBand is all about. To be frank this tool is quite easy to use and it helps you to make music without any problem.

So GarageBand is a popular music creation software suit that has been released for Mac and iPhone platform. You might have seen Guitars and different instruments in real life, but GarageBand DAW gives you access to tons of different instrument virtually. It features a set of different instruments that we can play and record while we can apply these along with loops. Creating songs might seem easy with just vocals but you need beats, different sounds to make great songs which is why GarageBand is preferred.

Along with features such as virtual instruments, recording option and voice over this app offers a classic editing Interface that can be used easily. So what it means that you can apply different virtual instruments, voice over and apply each under different loop. At the end we can combine all different recordings of different instrument and voice over to make the music complete.

Download GarageBand For Chromebook – Download Soundtrap App

Why To Download GarageBand App For Chromebook 2017

So with the help of GarageBand app for Chromebook you can create professional music on your laptop without the necessity of buying real life instruments. Moreover if I sum up all the features then you can audio record, use virtual instruments of different types, and take music lessons from the app to perfect your notes and music all the time. And when you are done with the music then you can publish it online right from your app to social media apps and on iTunes store as well.

If you have been using GarageBand for a long time now then I guess you are already aware of how to use different instruments and options in this music creation app. But when it comes to Chromebook laptop, you should know that GarageBand app has not been released for Chromebook till now. But it does not mean that you will not be able to experience the same features and feel of GarageBand on Chromebook. But in case if you are looking forward to use different Android apps on your phone, then I guess you can make use of Blackmart which is a very popular Android app store praised by millions.

How To Download GarageBand For ChromeBook 2017

As you already know that GarageBand for Mac version is only made available, then we have to look for some other GarageBand app alternative for Chromebook. The alternative app we are talking about is “Soundtrap” which is a very popular music creation Chrome browser web plugin. In this article I will be showing you different steps which will help you to install Soundtrap chrome plugin on your Chromebook laptop.

Download GarageBand For Chromebook – Download Soundtrap App 2017
  • First open your Chromebook laptop and then click here to visit Soundtrap plugin webpage
  • Next you have to click on “Install” button which will begin to plugin to download
  • Once download is completed, next the Soundtrap plugin will be installed and the browser will restart
  • Finally you have installed Soundtrap for Chromebook!

Well once the Soundtrap plugin is installed, then you will be able to use the same experience while using GarageBand for Chromebook.


GarageBand for Chromebook is now possible because we can use one of the best GarageBand alternatives by the name, Soundtrap. We have discussed steps which will clearly guide you on how to download Soundtrap for Chromebook easily. So that you will find the same experience as playing GarageBand online on your Chromebook easily.

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